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About HKCT

HKC Technology Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HKC International Holdings Limited, established in 2002. It is mainly responsible for the research and development of high quality and reliable ICT and IOT solutions for the group companies. Product development is undertaken by a team of R&D experts for both software and hardware based in Hong Kong and Singapore.The well experienced personnel with deep knowledge of know-how and capability stand readily to give the group an edge in the market for Internet and communications equipment.

Our Solution

LIBRA™ RFID Library Management

The Library RFID Automation System, LIBRA™ integrates RFID technologies with web-based applications to produce an efficient, ideal and self-service library environment. This system benefits both users and librarians resulting in more updated inventory information, reduced labour costs, higher productivity and an enhanced level of customer service.

AI Intelligent System Solution - AI Service Robot OnOn

We are providing professional design and custom AI Service Robot service at enterprise level. Offering end to end either out of box or customized AI service robot solution that are adapted to any event or industries. Our robot provide interactive conversation, real-time navigation and facial recognition

Smart Living Solution - Mirrorgotchi (Smart Mirror)

Mirrorgotchi is a newly developed home intelligent smart mirror, it utilizes Microsoft Emotion API to analyse and detect facial emotional status. This mirror is designed particularly for families living apart, families can be connected through video calls, daily emotion and health status can be recorded and notify his/her friends or relatives by mobile app

People and Assets Location Tracking Solution

Findmegotchi is a location tracking solution based on Wifi Network.
The solution provides accurate location, presence, and status information in real time for Wi-Fi location tags and other supported Android mobile phone.

We provide one-stop solutions for interested corporate parties, please contact us at 2255-9488▼ Our Hong Kong office hours are 09:00 - 17:30 (Monday - Friday)

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